Tennis Guides

Tennis Guides:

I’ll make this very simple:
these tennis ebooks are designed to give readers the knowledge to think like a tennis coach and build (your own or your kids)  tennis strokeshigh quality tennis techniques from scratch –  based on strokes of many of the best ever pros.

  • Logical, easy to follow steps & stages – jargon-free.
  • Nothing held back – much of what you’ll ever need, to build advanced and technically sound tennis techniques.
  • Think like a tennis coach.
  • Animated with strokes of some of the world’s best ever tennis players, from my  extensive library of hi-speed tournament sequences spanning 25 years.
Before buying…

read the notes (in the following PDF samples – ForehandOne HanderServeTwo Hander )) on how to view the animated pages.
You can read them on tablets (but NOT ideal for phones).
But these PDF ebooks are best viewed in the FULL version of Adobe Reader, on a grown up PC or MAC.

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1: The Forehand (try a sample – PDF – NOT for phones)


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2: The One Handed Backhand (Try the sample PDF ebook )

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3: The Serve (CLICK to download SAMPLE PDF)

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4: The Two Handed Backhand (CLICK for sample PDF)

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