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Whitewell & Forest of Bowland

Whitewell & Forest of Bowland.

The Queen has a fondness for the Whitewell Estate and the Forest of Bowland owing to their (combined) stunning beauty. And the reason they have retained their timeless natural beauty is because this is the Queen’s land – there will be no social engineering projects or new 1000 home developments here !

Whitewell Estate, Forest of Bowland

Unlike lesser custodians, who impose the power of ownership with all the charm and magnanimity of a locked gate, and are forever marking their patch to keep the rest of us out, the best of Whitewell and Bowland is accessible to everyone, open all year round, costs nothing to visit, and has some fabulous walks and cycle routes.
And when the sun sets, the lack of light pollution allows you to bask in your own  insignificance beneath a heavenly blanket of stammering stars.  Enjoy!

The Inn at Whitewell

It’s over a decade since I last stayed the night at the Inn at Whitewell, though I’m a regular visitor when chasing light around the area.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a stay at this unique old staging post, a morning coffee (quietest between 10 and 11-30) is the budget option for the privilege of creaking the restaurant/pub floorboards and spending half an hour overlooking the swaggering Hodder, on the rear verandah, where each of the four seasons creep in with equal splendour.

The Inn at Whitewell