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Photographic vision. The old Dunlop Factory in Manchester, home now of the Macintosh Village development

I don’t mind telling you now that this is the facade at the old Dunlop factory at the aptly named Macintosh Village development (the scene has changed forever…that’s why I don’t mind telling you now!).
The layers of colour from times past seemed to be clawing their way through the door, in an attempt to shine once more in light of day.

Good photographic work doesn’t require pages of art-speak dressing-up to justify it: if the the image doesn’t have its own intrinsic value, what’s the point ?
Photography is about seeing. Vision. And the ‘Dumlop GRG Division’ signage above the door was begging to be cropped for both a title and a statement.

But of course you already saw that, right?

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