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The Golden Door

The Golden Door
The Golden Door
The Golden Door

T’was 11.35
When the clock struck one
Though I didn’t even notice
I was so far gone

A humid night
On Midsummer’s Day
I’d supped my fill
And was walking with a sway

Glum and heavy hearted
My head hung low
I’d had a bad day
Which is all you need to know

In need of a minute
I saw a gravestone seat
N’ headed for the graveyard
In spite of wayward feet

It  might’ve been a minute
It could’ve been for more
I was slumped on a gravestone
Staring blankly at the floor

But the darkness was amiss
There was something of an air
Even with my drunken senses
I could feel a presence there

An other-worldy quiet
Sat firmly on the night
It raised me from my stupor
Set clouded sense alight

Standing to attention
A mute aware of more
That’s when it appeared to me
That glowing golden door….

To be continued?….