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Northern Soul: A Top Ten

Ten all-time great Northern Soul records.

A personal Northern Soul top ten.

I haven’t listened to some of these Northern Soul tunes since I was in my teenage spots, preferring as I did to keep moving, though it’s good to hear them again.
There were so many truly great Northern Soul tunes (many of them ushered in by Ian Levine in his 1973 and ’74 batch), that a definitive ‘best’ list is nigh-on impossible.
Anyhow, these few stand tall against the onslaught of time.
What measure have I used to judge ten of my favourites?
Most Northern Soul tracks were (under) three minutes of pure adrenaline, with a great intro designed to grab your attention from the off (or, more precisely,  the attentions of those who compile radio station play-lists).

As I did more of my dancing at Blackpool Mecca’s Highland Room than at Wigan Casino (where I did more ‘talking’), I suppose a good yardstick was how quickly I would sprint down the corridor of the Highland Room – and onto the dance floor – when I heard the first few notes.
Here are my corridor sprinters in reverse order. Continue reading Northern Soul: A Top Ten