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Beadnell Bay and the Lime Kilns
Beadnell Bay and the Lime Kilns

If you didn’t know about it beforehand (as many watersporters do), Beadnell can throw you somewhat on arrival.
OK, so the Craster Arms looks like a decent place for a pint and a butty, and the church is cute.

But is that it?
Mmm. A stroll towards the coast reveals a collection of nondescript houses (of the forgettable variety that this coast has too many of, and which is one of Northumberland’s few blights).
So is that it?
Actually no. There’s a cute little harbour by the old lime kiln, against which the waves come a crashing when the weather isn’t playing nice, and the same waves provide the surf for the many water sports along miles of duned beach. Continue reading Beadnell