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Sunset Silhouette

Manchester sunset, the likes of which neither of us will see again.

Sunset Silhouette over the Lowry and Imperial War Museum

One of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen plenty).

You can’t beat advance planning in photography: I’d worked out the angle for this shot weeks before and was waiting for the right kind of light.
On this day, I’d been out and about in Manchester with my cameras, though the light wasn’t great. I decided to throw a bag on it and got on the train home from Manchester Victoria.

Depending on the time of year, as you look down Platform 5 at Victoria Station you get blinded as Western light sets towards day’s end. As my train left the station, the dull grey day was starting to split at the seams and by the time I reached Salford Crescent the sky was promising something out of the ordinary.

I switched trains, jumped on a tram at Deansgate and this image was shot from one of the Metro stations on the way out to Old Trafford.

I set my tripod up on the train to save time and arrived with minutes (if not seconds) to spare.
Only the silhouetted shape of The Lowry and the Imperial War museum tell of the place, and this scene has now been overrun by new-builds. But even if it hadn’t, light like this never comes twice in the same place.
Timeless. Totally unique. And worth all of the effort.

Captured on Fuji Velvia slide film.