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Peveril of the Peak

Peveril of the Peak

If you come upon The Pev by accident and in ignorance, the shiny facade will probably stop you in your tracks, as did the gingerbread house for Hansel and Gretel in the woods.
Even more so if the Western light catches the green tiles at just the right angle, as those who built it undoubtedly knew it would.

The original pub dates back even further, but its the 1920’s green tiled facade that has become a Manchester icon. I first drank there in the early 80’s, before visits to a fledgling Hacienda, when the crowds spilled out all over the pavement.

Peveril of the Peak pub, one of Manchester's most beautiful landmarks.
Peveril of the Peak pub, one of Manchester’s most beautiful landmarks.

The Pev is Good For?
Real ale and a game of table football. Great escape from contrived Manchester entertainment. It’s still part of Manchester (unlike London-owned Spinningfields)

Is it suitable for Japanese Tourists and Business Suits?
Yes. The facade is a must-see and the interior is worth at least two pints. Just don’t go in a City shirt if United (or FC) are playing at home… unless you want it pegging to the washing line out back (with you in it) alongside Nancy’s knickers.

The Peveril of the Peak and Nancy's washing.
Peveril of the Peak – not just Manchester’s most famous washing line.

The Pev is a goldmine waiting to re-happen, though many of the people who used to go in (and still should) tend not to bother – it’s a little bit more shabby than chic. It reminds me of those editions of Hotel Inspector, when the owners of some must-do-better establishment are taken to a similar place with greater ambition (in this care, The Castle or Marble Arch should do the trick), and are usually advised to stop making their businesses look like their living room.
Or just let the people you pay to run it just get on with it.
A tasteful lick of paint inside would certainly be a start, and getting rid of the old settee that came from upstairs (my mother had the same one!).

Peveril of the Peak, home of real table football for decades. If you want to challenge the locals, Friday is the night!
Peveril of the Peak, home of real table football for decades. If you want to challenge the locals, Friday is the night!

Good ale goes down too easily. Leave a trail of something less tasty than bread crumbs in case you end up staying longer than expected.


The Pev. Tiled facade of arguably Manchester’s best looking (and most famous?) pub. And for pure surprise value (for those who didn’t previously know it existed) its quite possibly Manchester best looking building. No pretense: bloody gorgeous.