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Old Trafford Red Sea

Old Trafford Red Sea 2
Old Trafford Red Sea 2. CLICK IMAGE to order as a print.
Picture Stories. Old Trafford Red Sea

The East Stand (or Scoreboard End) of Old Trafford on match day.
I’d found this vantage point up on scaffolding when they were building some flats, and fair play to the Chelsea-fan foreman who let me up there to do as I wished.

The idea was to get all the red shirts running down Sir Matt Busby way like a river. But the title begged to be Red Sea.
I started in August and in the first week in November, all the necessary elements came together. Its a great feeling when you capture something unique, which will stand the test of time, especially when you’ve worked hard to put skin on the bare bones of an idea.
If you ever see a large print of this image (and I guarantee you’ll be blown away if you do), you’ll notice specks of stillness in amongst the sea of red shirts.
These are the fanzine sellers, and it’s sad that Red Issue – one of the sharpest and wittiest of all football fanzines – has gone for good. I’m not really a football fan of any shade, but I got the last Red Issue for posterity, to remind me of a time when people still had individual views and weren’t afraid to articulate them.

When I knew I’d nailed this picture (see also Red White and Black, which happened within perhaps 20 minutes), I punched the air like Rafa Nadal.
Then I realised it was pitch black, I had no torch and had to fumble back down five or six flights of a skeleton build.

But when you have Everton and Arsenal fans say its the best football ground picture they’ve ever seen, you know you’ve got something right.

This picture will gain in relevance with the passing of the years, so it was doubly worth the effort.