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Northumberland Travel Guide

Ten of the Best Things to do in Northumberland
1: Sunrise at Holy Island

TRAVEL GUIDE lindisfarne sunrise_2741

Of all the things to do in Northumberland, sunrise at Holy Island is perhaps the most spectacular. But you won’t be guaranteed one like this… 

2: The walk to Dunstanburgh Castle,

TRAVELGUIDE Dunstanburgh_castle_3_5232

…from Craster. And the best time to see it is with the rising sun (this is the land of the sunrise, after all).

3: Alnwick by Night

TRAVEL GUIDE Alnwick 8 5878

Alnwick is not all about the castle. But when you have one that looks like this, it does help.

4: Chillingham Castle

TRAVEL GUIDE cCillingham castle_12_4730

Sir Humpty’s Quixotic haunt is now open for overnight hauntings…

5: Warkworth

TRAVEL GUIDE Warkworth_northumberland_1

The town of Warkworth is stunning, and a dream base for a family holiday; particularly if you can find somewhere to stay on Castle Street.

6: Bamburgh Castle and Beach

TRAVEL GUIDE Bamburgh Castle_1

A walk along the beach at Bamburgh Castle can be as long or as short as you like.

7: Beadnell

TRAVEL GUIDE Beadnell Bay_5763

Don’t be fooled by the the dreary bungalow builds…

8: Berwick upon Tweed


Lowry loved this place for good reason – great light on quality architecture

9: Gateway to the Cheviots

TRAVEL GUIDE Cheviots 2663

Take the B6348 off the main A1 and do some exploring. 

10: Rothbury

Up there with the loveliest of towns. Great toy shop for those of use who never grow’d up.
No pictures yet (it does rain a lot)

Best Places to Stay?

Suppose that depends on where you want to be, because a week in Northumberland is too little for serious exploration, so place yourself at the centre of what you most want to do.
Alnwick, Rothbury and Warkworth are all beautiful and full of atmosphere –  well-suited to those who (like me) prefer a little life with their countryside retreat.
Castle Street in Warkworth is a particular favourite, with some quality places to lay your head. 

Craster is at the heart of the coastal walks and the lack of parking for visitors has its plusses!.

Beadnell likewise.