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Miss Yorkshire

Miss Yorkshire
Miss Yorkshire

Our next contestant is Miss Yorkshire. She’s called DaisyMoo and is from Kirrby Malham. Tell us a little of yourself, DaisyMoo.

‘Well, I like to feel the wind in my hair and tickling my hairy cheeks, as I’m rambling in the hills around my home.  I always eat my greens, I’m forever horny and they say my poo is good for gardens…’

DiasyMoo was photographed in the hills between Settle and Airton by Bavid Dailey, who’s always been a right-time right-place kinda guy.

She’s wearing absolutely no make-up and (you won’t believe this…”I know, that’s what I said’...) her eyelashes are all her own, which diminishes her chances of a successful youtube channel or (un)reality show.

She originally wanted to be a vet but has recently been offered a job in Yorkshire Tourism as a guide. So keep a keen eye out for her in those Yorkshire hills.

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