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Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge
Millennium Bridge
Millennium Bridge. Strangers in the night or longtime lovers? (N)Either. Or both…
Millennium Bridge Sunset

I think it was Kierkegaard who advised we should write down our thoughts and ideas before they escape, because many don’t come along twice and the best ones will be lost forever (…Kierkegaard also believed the majority couldn’t think a thought through to its ultimate conclusion, so don’t be volunteering him for a twitter account).

Anyhow, a similar attitude should be adopted towards photography, because you can spend days…hours…months awaiting that special fusion of photographic elements, and you get so wrapped up in the sublime moment you miss it in all but film (or digit).

Over recent years I’ve got into a good habit of stepping back from the tripod and absorbing something of the scene.
Here, I’d tucked myself into an alcove beside Millennium Bridge listening to little more than the passing Thames as I Iay in wait. You’ll find nooks and crannies like this even in the busiest of places, which render you all but invisible to frenzied passers-by as they go busily about there day: to look (and see) is not on their to-do list!

A glowing skyline. A well-known bridge. But something was missing. Then these two wandered into the scene and stopped long enough to give the light their blessing.

Who are they? Who cares!

Their anonymous silhouette paints a bigger story, for they are every(wo)man and their embrace lives on in the eyes of the viewer, until film and digit fades away with them.
Now, what was I thinking? Oh yes. ‘Dear Diary…’

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