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Manchester Travel Guide
Ten of the Best things to see and do in Manchester
1: The Northern Quarter


The sell-out (or buy up) of the Northern Quarter began some time ago, so expect changes as more of it is swallowed up by those who simply must take ownership. Until the people who’ve made it what it is move on, it should remain the best atmosphere in town.

2: John Rylands Library

GUIDE John Rylands Library 2251

The Peoples Library is an architectural masterpiece, stuffed with so many historical / literary wonders I don’t think anyone truly knows what lies buried in the vaults. As long as those to whom custodianship was bequeathed (namely, Manchester University) adhere to Enriqueta Ryland’s founding ethos, it will forever shame the ugly exclusivity that is so well-suited to Oxford and Cambridge.

3: Royal Exchange Theatre

MCR GUIDE Royal Exchange 7103

And not necessarily for the dressing up.

4: Castlefield

TRAVEL GUIDE Castlefield_4401

Overdeveloped but still a place for scenic solitude. Plenty of benches for Summer sunshine and great place to watch the sunset.

5: Oxford Road & Street


The students give this stretch a permanent vibrancy that it would not achieve alone. Great place for Japanese tourists to test the efficacy of their smog masks.

6: Peveril of the Peak

GUIDE Manchester The Pev

A sort of working Pub Museum that deserves to be more. Could be number one but for the stale carpet, second hand settee and a lack of awareness of its relevance and potential for this generation. Worth a visit for a taste of the past but not much to make you want to stay longer.

7: Ancoats

Manchester GUIDE George Leigh ST 3424

Far from perfect but could be the best looking city centre development, which has made good use of old bricks and is anchored in the real world by the timeless council flats at Victoria Square. Should be buzzing with life on sunny summer days but sadly isn’t.
Have a pint on the way back at what is probably Manchester’s best pub, the Marble Arch on Rochdale Road.

8: United and City: Go and watch a football match.


You can’t visit Manchester without seeing a football match… and you can’t visit the Etihad football town without wondering how the rest will be able to compete with such an imposing production line in the future.

9: The Castle Hotel

GUIDE castle hotel manchester 3526

Das capital of Little Bohemia attracts an arty crew. How to change the direction of a pub without running it off the rails…

10: Central Library

TRAVEL GUIDE Manchester Library 1640

It cost millions to reaffirm Manchester’s second best library. All that money spent, and the Wolfson reading room still has few power points and one of the most uncomfortable seat & desk combos in the city – your posture is guaranteed a slow death. But man is it handsome.