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Manchester Cathedral: Ten to Seven

‘Ten to Seven’. Manchester Cathedral made more complete, by amazing light and an unsuspecting understudy.

In an ideal world (for photographers), people would look at an image and appreciate only the juggling of the various elements that make that hallowed image.
For example, the light in this picture is spectacular, the stacking of the perspective gives the moment real power and the clock freezes (friezes?) the moment in time and title.
Click. Job done!
‘Oh, but I didn’t know it was Manchester Arndale in the background!’

I do understand what sparks this common response: Manchester Arndale ain’t no picture. But the fact that it is here should really be the point.

Without the Arndale setting the background alight, with its complimentary colour and checkerboard reflective windows, this image simply wouldn’t be the same. The fact that such ordinariness scrubs up so wonderfully, and can be made to rise above and beyond the sum of its mundane parts, is one of the aspects of photography that still keeps me enthralled.

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