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Hacienda Manchester

I have no recollection whatsoever of these picture (other than I was going through a phase of colouring my flash with blue filters!), though I have the feeling I’d been shooting pictures somewhere else beforehand and managed to get my cameras past the doormen (maybe with one of G.L.’s many forged VIP passes!).

Hacienda, Manchester, circa 1990 or 1991
Hacienda Olympics?

The ‘everyone’s out to get us‘ paranoia that gripped The Hacienda after about 1989, when it was fully in the MDMA ‘m‘off mi ‘ead‘ phase, meant that only a preferred handful of photographers  ever got official permission to shoot pictures. Sadly, much photography is about access and there is a never-ending battle between those who want to control the rights of photographers (real photographers I’m talking about, not celebrity stalkers) to interpret the world about them, and those who (for usually one of three reasons) want to restrict access. Consequently, there is now a paucity of really good pictures of the Hacienda, which is a shame.

Manchester Hacienda
Hacienda Olympics, in the days before drug testing.

The T-shirt here says Haciendas 1996, but this relates NOT to the date, but  rather Manchester’s 1996 Olympics bid.  The ‘Citius… Altius… Fortius’ tee was issued in 1989, and I’m pretty sure it was designed by my old friend Trevor Johnson (as were many of Factory’s best designs – the triptych birthday party poster is a classic).

You can see the full collection of Hacienda birthday posters on show at Truth hairdresser’s, on Beech Road in Chorlton.

The Hacienda, manchester
The Hacienda,  Manchester. And no its not Bez.
A Manchester Print Gallery