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Gratuitous Colour

Gratuitous Colour (AKA ‘Some Bird’s Arse’)

A friend of mine once tetchily dismissed this picture as ‘some bird’s arse’ and of course he was right.
It is some bird’s arse.
But to describe it thus is to willfully miss the point – I mean, just LOOK at those colours!Gratuitous Colour?

Whose arse?
No idea. She was just floating about in an some Ibiza pool where I was shooting photos, when I was struck by the primary colours (no, really…).
Anyhow, I wondered if he’d describe the Mona Lisa as ‘some bird’s face’?

Some Bird’s Face?

I know there are qualitative differences. For starters, the primary colours floating in this pool did not have the face of a Mona Lisa, nor has she been tickled into life by painstaking brush strokes mixed from a a moody palette.
But on the flip side, I reckon Mona Lisa never had a smile as colourful as this one.