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Cornerhouse Manchester

Cornerhouse Manchester

So farewell then, Cornerhouse (oops…I’ve gone all E J Thribb).

Everyone has memories of this place, including bleary heads on the way to Rock World trying to come to terms with quiz night, Northern Soulies on the way back from a Ritz All-Dayer, generations of students from Manchester Uni and Man Met, and those of us who didn’t visit it as much as we might have.

I made the effort to capture some of the buzz around the piece of Oxford Road and Whitworth Street that will be forever Cornerhouse.
So its onward, upward and home-ward!

All images available as prints and (most as) cards.

Cornerhouse, Manchester, at the corner of Whitworth Street West and Oxford Street


Cornerhouse Bookshop and restaurant before the lights went out.


Cornerhouse Cimena and the Road to Home, Whitworth Street West


Cornehouse Cinema on the last week of its existence.


Last Supper at the Cornerhouse


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