Light, action, people and place are my preferred elements and you’ll find them juggled in varying measures all over this website.

My first published photos appeared in Blues & Soul music magazine when I was still at school and around the same time I got my first written by-line: a column on rare 12″ singles for Black Echoes music paper (for a few pence a word).
As a young vendor of words, I was proposed for membership of the National Union of Journalists in the mid 80s by the late Malcolm Muggeridge, and the first work for which I received a full working fee was a words-and-pictures essay on Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, for SHE Magazine.

Since then I have reviewed books, written travel articles, interviewed people like Pete Sampras and Gabriela Sabatini (not to mention Muggeridge himself on a few occasions), rode the streets of Calcutta in Doctor Jack Preger’s battered old jeep, written tennis books, taught the current Lancashire County Tennis Champion (and many others) how to hit tennis balls, provided travel and/or sports photos for the BBC, plus newspapers/magazines around the world, in particular tennis magazines (for years I wrote and shot the pictures for my own monthly instructional tennis column, for the then top German tennis magazine Tennis Revue), and I have captured much of the North of England in its best light.

The peerless Cartier-Bresson knew that every moment has limitless possibilities, but only for those who can see them. These digital pages are the culmination of many years striving for something worthwhile.
But in photography, your next image is always the best!