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Buckets and Braces

Buckets and Braces
Buckets and Braces in Gisburn.

This is the kind of spontaneous photography that is being killed off by selfies, because a generation is being encouraged to only see merit in a picture if they are actually in it!

Bad photography is often about ‘look at me’ fame, and myriad related projects. Good photography is a harmony of elements that combine to make a lasting moment…irrespective of who’s in the picture.

Here, some locals were tidying the village green and you can see them digging away in the background. Th’owd lad has been lumbered with carrying the buckets to and fro’ and his braces are straining under their weight (and whatever he has in his pockets).
Click-buzz. Gotcha!
Love everything about this image but th’owd lad is the star.